Valledoria – Castelsardo

Valledoria is an ideal destination located close to Castelsardo

Valledoria overlooks the Gulf of Asinara, in Northwestern Sardinia. It was built in 1961 on the site of the ancient Roman city of Codes. Though fairly recent, this small town quickly gained popularity thanks to its proximity to the coast and its strategic location as a starting point for visiting nearby locations like Castelsardo, Isola Rossa and for visiting other historical and natural wonders of Northern Sardinia.

Valledoria offers its visitors 7 km of coastline, from Castelsardo to Badesi. It boasts beaches such as La Ciaccia and San Pietro, unique landscapes due to the contrast between the sand and the double blue horizons given by the sea and the Coghinas River.

Valledoria is also entertainment and fun: from windsurfing to boat trips or hiking in the forests and surrounding rivers. This is an area that holds many surprises in store for you every day.